About Us

Kobayashi Americas

We are the Americas subsidiary of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd whose headquarters are located in Osaka, Japan. Kobayashi’s philosophy is to foster a continuous spirit of ‘Creation and Innovation’ in every thing we do and every product we offer. Our passion is to provide you with innovative products that improve the quality of your life.





  • Established in 1999 to introduce innovative products to the United States.
  • Distributes the BeKoool® brand of cooling soft gel sheets for relief of minor aches and sprains; for relief of discomfort from fever; and soothing relief from migraine headaches.
  • Distributes the Cura-Heat® air-activated therapeutic heat pack for warming relief for back, shoulder and neck pains.



  • Manufactures and distributes HotHands® Warmers – the #1 Air-Activated Warmer in America!
  • Leaders in the “Air-Activated” heat pack market since 1988.
  • Made in U.S.A.! Heatmax® manufactures HotHands® using state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities in North Georgia.



  • Retail Division distributes Mediheat® air-activated therapeutic heat packs into mass-market retail channels.
  • Mediheat® is a leading supplier of private label products in a wide range of product categories that are available at all key retailers in North America. The Mediheat team combines extensive retail experience with innovative products for best-in-class private label programs.
  • Medical Division manufactures and distributes air-activated heating devices for the medical industry that includes hospitals, clinics and health centers.


  • Responsible for marketing and selling HeatMax®, Inc. products to the U.S. Military.


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