FAQ – BeKoool

Q. How does BeKoool work?

A. When the strip covering the adhesive backing is removed and the gel is applied to the skin, an evaporation process occurs that lowers the surface temperature of the skin. The gel sheet is composed of a highly water-absorbing polymer that absorbs and releases heat. The heat from the skin is absorbed by the gel sheet and then is released into the air when the moisture evaporates.


Q. What ingredients are in BeKoool?

A. The water-based gel sheet contains water, a polymer, menthol and a slight amount of preservatives. There are no active ingredients.


Q. Is BeKoool safe?

A. Absolutely. There are no drugs involved. And the evaporation process that produces the cold sensation is totally harmless to human beings.


Q. Can BeKoool be taken with medication?

A. Yes. Since there are no drugs involved, there is no possibility of interaction with any type of medication.


Q. Is there a limit to how often BeKoool can be applied?

A. No. Use it whenever you experience a headache or fever, as often as you like.


Q. Does BeKoool require refrigeration?

A. No. Use it straight out of the box, or keep the BeKoool cooling soft gel sheets in your purse, desk, glove compartment, etc.


Q. Can BeKoool stay in place while I sleep?

A. Yes. The adhesive properties of BeKoool allow it to adhere with normal movement. However, the cooling gel sheet will not adhere if the skin is wet or if the gel sheet comes into contact with hair, eyebrows or clothing.


Q. How long does BeKoool work for?

A. Up to eight hours.