FAQ – Cura-Heat

Q. What is Cura-Heat

A. Cura-Heat are air-activated, portable heating pads that provide long lasting therapeutic warming relief.


Q. What is Cura-Heat used for?

A. Cura-Heat is most effective when used to relieve minor muscle aches and joint pain. The long lasting heat penetrates into the muscle to gently relax the pain away.


Q. Does Cura-Heat require electricity?

A. No, Cura-Heat warming pads are air-activated making them perfect for people always on the go. They can be discreetly hidden beneath clothing so you can wear them when you are shopping, working, etc…


Q. How does Cura-Heat stay in place?

A. Cura-Heat is equipped with adhesive on one side so it stays securely in place when stuck to any article of clothing.


Q. Are Cura-Heat pads reusable?

A. No, Cura-Heat pads are designed for one-time use and then disposed of in regular garbage.